"At Da Vinci International we commit ourselves to teach, train and equip each one of our students with the best tools and materials we know, and to put our heart into forming future men and women capable of making a difference in the world".
High standards, hard work and strong values: Da Vinci International High School The transition from childhood to adulthood is one of the most important developmental transition in life. Most of the “big,” long-term, impacting decisions such as career, partners, beliefs, etc. are made during these critical years. Sadly, adolescence is also one of the most underestimated stages in our children’s lives. At Da Vinci International we understand our teens and have developed an education based on three basic principles: Core Values, academic excellence and independence. From 9th to 12th Grade it is vital to teach and train our students in a life style based on values such as respect, honesty, hard work, and self-control. Our golden rule is “to treat others the way we want others to treat us.” Academically speaking we don’t want them to accept any less than their maximum potential, we challenge our students to work hard and pursue their goals giving it all for their own education. We also teach our students to become independent in their academic work, responsibility leads them to freedom and the consequence of that combination is excellence.
Enriched Curriculum All of our materials are based on a five subject curriculum, including: ・Language Arts (English I, II, III and IV) ・Language Extensions (English Grammar and Writing) ・Mathematics (Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry and Calculus) ・Social Studies (US History, World History, Okinawan History and World Geography) ・Science (Physics, Chemistry or Biology)

Elective subjects include:

Honors Algebra, Languages (Japanese, Italian, French, Spanish, etc.),

Creative Writing, Music, Psychology, Sociology, Business, Negotiation, Communication, Health, Computer Literacy, Art, Design, and Music.

Compass Learning

We have made all the necessary arrangements to provide our High School students with the leading award winning curriculum Compass Learning which has received two 2009 BESSIE awards for Math Intervention and High School Solutions, the 17th Annual Education Review’s Eddie Awards, the 2013 SIIA CODIE AWARDS, and was listed on the top 100 District Administration Products for Education.



Tutorial Style

The best we can do for our students is to coach them on individual basis through their studies at High School level. They all have different personalities, learning styles and abilities, we take all that into consideration when it comes to guide them. They become independent as they learn how to use their strengths to cope with their weaknesses.



Does your teen know what career to choose for his or her future?

Career Design

One of the urgent needs of our teens Today is to find their place in a constantly changing world. Many of them don’t know what to do with their lives after High School. The decision of what career to choose cannot be made overnight. We think that in Jr. High the students should start working toward that decision.

Our CDP has been developed to help every student to spend the necessary time to get information and to find  what might be his or her vocation.



Is she or he ready to take care of his or her own financial responsibilities?

Financial Literacy

Regardless their talents and capacities, financial literacy can make the difference between success and failure. Major Credit Companies are targeting young students making a 1.2 billion dollar business.

Young High Schoolers and College students know little about credit card management and become an easy market for creditors. But when they are trained in financial management, they can take control of their finances from the beginning and not let debt to take control of their future. At Da Vinci International School we educate our students following the guidelines of Dave Ramsey through Financial Peace University and Financial Peace Jr. programs.



Is your teen ready to negotiate his or her future without compromising his or her integrity?

Harvard Negotiation Program

Negotiation skills are not a luxury but a basic need in this generation.

Our teens will be approached by professional negotiators following their own interest when the time comes for them to decide their future. Our children cannot go unequipped to face the workplace, and before that, their lives through college. We have been trained on the Harvard Negotiation Project and completed training under a number of institutions on International Negotiation, Communication and Mediation. At Da Vinci International School we equip our Jr.High & High Schoolers with the tools and skills they will need to negotiate their way to success.

Tryout Program

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