Da Vinci International School & University has established a partnership with the United Nations’ Mandated University “U-Peace” starting in the year 2017. Starting in 2017, it is possible to take classes at Da Vinci University in Okinawa, that count towards certification from U-Peace! Though the list of courses offered by  the University for Peace may be found in their website, here are some of the courses Da Vinci University is promoting:


  • Social Innovation,
  • Entrepreneurship,
  • Global Education,
  • Education Diplomacy,
  • Positive Leadership,
  • Conflict Resolution

Five of Da Vinci International University students traveled to Costa Rica to take courses and completed their Diploma in Social Innovation in July 2017.

U-Peace Partnership

August 2017


U-Peace Partnership

Da Vinci International University has formed a partnership with the University for Peace from the United Nations.



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