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Our preteens and teenagers deserve the best we can offer…

For years, the professional team of Da Vinci International School has worked on developing the best possible school setting for our middle schoolers.

Combining information from the fields of Education and Social Sciences with the latest research in Neuroscience, Da Vinci International built a program that responds not only to the requirements of the Department of Education, but more importantly to the needs and the reality of this generation of pre-teens and teenagers. While building this, the team has found that even small changes in the setting of the classrooms or small differences in the way we approach tutoring can make a big difference in the learning experience. The philosophy behind this setting is that a student who enjoys the school experience will get the most of it, and will perform well in the academics as well as in life, in and out of the school setting. A balanced and well thought program makes of Da Vinci International Jr. High School an excellent choice for your child’s education.


Top 8 reasons why parents are choosing Da Vinci International Jr. High School


1. Independence

There is a fundamental difference between the concept of “attending” school and  “advancing their own education.” In most schools, students attend classes believing that they are “doing what is expected of them just for showing up.” In Da Vinci International School, we train our students to complete their tasks, set and reach their own goals; they soon learn that it’s not only about coming to class but about the time they spend “learning".

2. Education & technology

Da Vinci International School combines an old fashioned textbook-based education using the latest technology available for learning. Video lectures, multimedia interactive lessons, digital e-books, and basic training on online research methods are some of the tools used in the classroom; however, reading and writing and organizing information and records on paper is also a vital part of our curriculum. 


3. Teacher-Student Ratio 1 to 8

Da Vinci International School places one teacher for every six to eight students. This low ratio is the way to get personal and individual support for all of our students. Each teacher spends the entirety of his or her time with the students; they start the day at 8:00 am., study, eat lunch, play board games or “outdoor” games, and read during breaks, enjoy hands-on learning activities, and close the day at 2:00 pm. in the company and under the supervision of the teacher.

4. Individualized Curriculum

Da Vinci International School understands that even though preteens and teenagers all have many things in common, each one of them is unique. Their curriculum is designed to get them from where they stand to where they need to cover the academic requirements for their age. Students who can perform faster can cover more content than what is required to advance faster, or they can enrich their school work with foreign languages and other special courses based on level.

5. Art and Music

The journal Neurological Research published a study indicating that students who play instruments or get involved in singing or other music activities improve 27% higher on tests than teens who focus only on Math. At Da Vinci International School, we consider music vital for students’ academic advancement. In the same way, art classes are part of the curriculum and not mere activities to fill up time or entertain them.

6. No Homework policy

Six hours of intense work with personal tutoring is enough to cover all academic requirements; we foster our students’ involvement in extracurricular activities, physical activities, and especially, family time after school.


7. Physical Activities

Da Vinci International School believes teenagers need time to socialize and exercise because they are important in building the brain’s infrastructure. Exercise improves the structure, function, and connectivity of the brain. Aerobic sports programs like soccer, swimming, hockey, and martial arts are outstanding brain-boosters. After one of our teacher's training at Harvard University, we have developed a program in which we have our students complete 45 minutes of cardio-respiratory exercise every day before studying.  Similarly, we encourage the parents to enroll their children either in our after school activities or in any other social setting that favors sports and physical education.

8. Zero bullying

Da Vinci International School values friendships. We teach our students to face peer group pressure, cliques, and bullying. Children at this stage need peers of the same age for bonding and build relationships, but this is not an easy thing to do in a classroom. For this reason, we set rules, make them clear and enforce them, and carefully explain the reasons behind them. We talk about "respect" and what our expectations are as a school. We teach them that they are old enough to be responsible for their actions and teach them to treat others the way they would like to be treated. The successful implementation of zero bullying-polices is one reason Da Vinci International School received an award in education.


If students

aren’t learning

the way we teach them,


maybe we

should teach them

the way they learn”. 

Ignacio Estrada

Da Vinci International happily welcomes anyone to try out our program without the need of withdrawing him from his or her current school program (public school, private school, or homeschool).


  • If you have been considering Da Vinci International as a valid option for your child’s education, but weren’t sure enough as to take him or her off from his or her current school program, you have the option of trying out Da Vinci and seeing first-hand why so many parents are enthusiastic with their children’s school progress, without affecting your child’s current school.

  • Coming in for a couple of trial days (tryout can be one or two days while our school program can be few days a week or full week program), your child can have a complete placement test and a pre-evaluation of his or her learning capabilities/challenges.1

  • You have a chance to meet and talk with other Da Vinci International parents to get information from a parental perspective.

  • The number of students per class, including those students under this Tryout Program, won’t exceed our teacher/student ratio of 1:8 or 2:12.

  • The cost for our “two-day full immersion” program is highly affordable.


1.The placement test includes Math, Language, Reading, and Writing.

School Tour

We are open to meet with you and tour you around Da Vinci. Please let us know your availability and we will do our best to match your schedule.

Tryout Program

We recommend you to have your child try out the school before making any commitment

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