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An Elementary School with zero-bullying, no-homework, and stress-free?

Yes, Zero bullying, no-homework, stress-free, and much more in our original, innovative, and highly effective school system!

Da Vinci International Elementary School Program is an original curriculum created and developed over many years of research and experience. The program is focused on the academic requirements your child needs to excel in school, Child Psychological Development, the latest research in Neuroscience, and the understanding of each student's individuality.

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Top 5 reasons why parents are choosing Da Vinci International School


1. Winner of the International Emerging Leaders Award in Education 2017

ACEI, the Association for Children Education International (a leading institution that has set the course of education since the year 1867 in Washington D.C.) has awarded Da Vinci International School from Okinawa, Japan; for its innovative proposal and the amazing improvements of their students. Our program is internationally regarded as one solution to educate the next generation.


2. Knowing what goes on inside an elementary school student’s brain.

Da Vinci International School understands your child. Elementary school students demand more freedom because they are growing. Their brains are expanding in power, thus assuming more control, greater independence, and a better capacity to plan ahead. We use all this potential to encourage them to become an active part of their own learning process, manage the pace of their own studies, and set their own goals for the end of each quarter. We tailor a curriculum according to the grade level and pace of your child.

At Da Vinci, your child will be able to progress academically, and perhaps -as many of our

students have done- complete two grade levels in one school year.


3. Zero-bullying

The latest research in Neuroscience indicates that students need to feel relaxed and emotionally secure for their brains to learn best. Da Vinci International School offers a healthy environment where your child can build up their unique "self", discover how to fit in the world, and learn the necessary social skills to face group pressure, cliques, competition, possessiveness, and jealousy. On top of that, the teacher-student ratio along with the special training of our teachers made it possible for us to reach the goal of “zero-bullying” in the whole school.


4. No-homework policy

Da Vinci International School uses the time your child is at school very wisely. We believe that six hours of school work per day is enough to complete the requirements for each school year, so there is no need for homework. Children need to play outside, spend quality with their families, and exercise after school. These activities build the brain’s infrastructure, family time strengthens the bonds necessary for their age, and exercise releases a protein also called "Miracle-Gro for the brain". Sports clubs like Soccer, Swimming, Taiko, and Karate are outstanding brain-boosters, and excellent social skill builders, that make children perform much better at school.


5. Teacher-student ratio 1:8

Combining education and fun without the need for homework is possible. At Da Vinci International School, we limit the number of students to 8, and we don’t hesitate to reduce it to 6 or 4 if necessary to reach this ambitious goal. All our teachers are well trained in Coaching and Tutoring through our Training Program. These skills permit them to work with your child one-on-one whenever they need to complete tasks without stress, and without sacrificing their free time after school in doing homework. As the US Center of Public Education concluded after 4 years of research on the optimum class size: “Smaller classes in the early grades can boost student academic achievement”. These findings are a key element of our educational system.

“When I went to the 

interview for Da Vinci, 

I felt an instant connection. 

Da Vinci was the only school that was willing to give my child the possibility to excel. I felt my child was in very trusting hands and he is now two years ahead for his age. I love the student-teacher ratio and that every individual student has a curriculum made to fit their educational growth”.

Jamie Vance

Da Vinci International happily welcomes anyone to try out our program without the need of withdrawing him from his or her current school program (public school, private school, or homeschool).


  • If you have been considering Da Vinci International as a valid option for your child’s education, but weren’t sure enough as to take him or her off from his or her current school program, you have the option of trying out Da Vinci and seeing first-hand why so many parents are enthusiastic with their children’s school progress, without affecting your child’s current school.

  • Coming in for a couple of trial days (tryout can be one or two days while our school program can be few days a week or full week program), your child can have a complete placement test and a pre-evaluation of his or her learning capabilities/challenges.1

  • You have a chance to meet and talk with other Da Vinci International parents to get information from a parental perspective.

  • The number of students per class, including those students under this Tryout Program, won’t exceed our teacher/student ratio of 1:8 or 2:12.

  • The cost for our “two-day full immersion” program is highly affordable.


1.The placement test includes Math, Language, Reading, and Writing.

Extra Activities

Cooking Class, Gardening, Bakery, Music Workshops, Taiko/Eisa Dance, Karate Class, Art Workshops, Japanese Class, Field Trips, and much more! 

Tryout Program

We recommend you to have your child try out the school before making any commitment

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