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Will your child be ready for First Grade?

We know how to help your child

Our Preschool Program is original, created by the Directors of Da Vinci International School for children 3-5 years of age. 

The program is focused on the academic requirements your child needs to excel in 1st grade, Child Psychological Development, the latest research on Neuroscience, and the understanding of the individuality of each student. 

The Da Vinci International Preschool Team tailors the curriculum for your child in order to make it a perfect fit, according to his or her developmental and intellectual needs.

"I can't believe

my child is reading!"

Alicia Siegel

A child’s brain is a jungle of neurons getting "wired" together into patterns. 

Early experiences have an enormous influence on their brains and also strongly affect the way they mature. By providing everyday activities that arouse curiosity in the children, Da Vinci International Preschool exposes its young students to a variety of challenges, stimuli, sensory-rich corners, and allows them hands-on interaction. We carefully plan our daily work such as painting, clay construction, musical instruments, cooking, visiting our mini petting zoo, gardening, and field trips every month. These activities help to create neural pathways and increase learning efficiency and mental capacity.

Minimum Stress

We take care of the transition into Preschool 


Art & Fun 

Learning while creating and playing 


Hands-on learning

Connecting hands and brain


Reading Program

Reading smoothly before starting first grade


Physical Development 

We provide a wonderful outdoor time in our playground 

Improving communication and positive behavior skills

Preschool is prime time for auditory brain development. Da Vinci International Preschool knows that the young brain of a preschooler absorbs language quickly, that’s why we invest a lot of our time in your child’s hearing skills: we talk, sing, and read to our students. We support their speaking skills: we encourage them to use proper words and say please, thank you, and sorry. We encourage them to use these “new words", to control tantrums and wrong behaviors. We explain how things work, promoting independence and respect.


Focus and skills

A child between 3 and 5 years old might pay attention for five to ten minutes, at best. Da Vinci International Preschool improves this time frame and increases children’s working memory and fine motor skills. We do this by providing games, puzzles, art projects, and activities that require attention, hand-eye coordination, and self-control. 


Math, logic, and phonics time

By the age of four many circuits in the brain’s cortex are formed for math, logic, and phonics. To develop these centers, we encourage your child to compare, collect, and label objects and events. The schedule includes activities such as counting games, shape and color recognition, classification methods, and a phonics program that speeds the process of reading. At the start of 1st grade, our students are able and ready to face new school stage challenges.

Extra Activities

Cooking Class, Gardening, Bakery, Music Workshops, Taiko/Eisa Dance, Karate Class, Art Workshops, Japanese Class, Field Trips, and much more! 

Tryout Program

We recommend you to have your child try out the school before making any commitment

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