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Da Vinci Holistic Approach to Education 

For the past ten years, the Da Vinci team has been researching and developing a comprehensive approach to education. We have been incorporating training we have received over the years from Harvard University, Oxford University, and the University for Peace from the United Nations, into this Da Vinci Holistic Approach to Education. It encompasses seven areas in which we work day by day with all our students. These are not special subjects but rather transversal guidelines that we work in the classroom during the six hours of school from Monday to Friday. Our goal is to ensure that our students get a Life Style Education and training to face their future as prepared as they can be.

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Since 2008

High Academic Standards

The aim of our tutorial system and our small teacher-student ratio is, precisely, to achieve high standards in the academics. Our students enjoy learning, develop self-taught skills, and acquire the discipline necessary to set and reach their own goals. 


Since 2010

Relationship Development

Building and maintaining relationships as well as learning to interact with people from different cultural backgrounds is important for our kids. We help them develop respect, gratitude, and commitment toward their peers, their families, and their communities.  


Since 2015

Physical Activity

We promote and practice physical education for 45 minutes to 1 hour every day. P.E. is fundamental to develop not only healthy growth but also to fuel the brain with necessary chemicals to regulate cognitive processes as well as to regulate hyperactivity, focus attention, and socialization.


From 2020

Eating Behavior

Our students need to learn what, when, and how to eat to stay healthy. The best way is to teach them to choose and prepare their own meals combining nutrition with culinary education. A good diet based on healthy food, without excessive sugar or processed fast food could be delicious and satisfying.


Since 2008

Core Moral Values

From Preschool to College, the most important skill our students need to develop is the ability to make good choices. Choosing to do what is right is the key for good work ethic and a meaningful and successful life in the future.


Since 2013

Self Control & Stress Management

Mental and emotional health gives us the basis for self control and stress management. We help our students learn how to regulate their own stress through mindfulness, guided dynamics, and physical activities throughout the day.


Since 2018

Free Time Management

As important as physical development, the quality of resting and leisure time is fundamental for children and teen's  development. Getting our children away from the excessive use of electronic devices and into healthy sleep habits is a very important step.

Da Vinci's Holistic Approach to Education 

You can watch our youtube video for a more detailed explanation of how the Da Vinci System works.

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