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Award in Education

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Da Vinci International received the Emerging Leader Award in Education by A.C.E.I. in Washington DC.

In the Summer of 2017, the directors of Da Vinci International were invited to present the work that Da Vinci International School is doing in Okinawa, Japan since the year 2008. The occasion for the award ceremony was the 125th anniversary of ACEI (Association for Childhood Education International) in Washington DC.

ACEI’s work began in 1892, with the effort to promote kindergarten education in the United States and internationally. In the 1930s, they broadened their focus to progressive education and education through the primary school years. Today, ACEI focuses on education of children and youth, birth to approximately 18 years. ACEI's mission is to promote innovative solutions to education challenges and inspire action that creates positive, sustainable futures for children and youth worldwide.

The Emerging Leader Award was granted to Da Vinci International School for its innovative proposal and the amazing improvements of their students. During the three days event, the directors of Da Vinci International School had a wonderful chance to present and discuss with delegates from all around the world the philosophy, dynamics and results of the work done in Okinawa Japan. Mrs. Eugenia de Arce (Miss Bambina) was invited to the stage to receive the award.

Some reasons Da Vinci Received such a prestigious award:

US Accredited Programs

Individualized Curriculum

Student Teacher Ratio 8:1

No Homework Policy

Stress-free Environment

Full English Support for Non-native Speakers

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